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    Why sell with us?

    We work only with exceptional businesses that share our mission to bring integrity, quality and a dash of altruism to the fore.  Our aim is that the goodwill we engender will, by association, spread to your business. There are a number of ways to work with us; you could offer a few items for a flash sale, a limited number of single items as a special purchase, a fabulous product to add to our own range or - and this is the most exciting one - create an exclusive product in collaboration with us.  If you would like to suggest any other options we are all ears! Basically we want to work with you to help you sell your product and enable us to put some money into our Good Causes Fund.  If you want to suggest a particular causes for which you would like to offer a product that would be great too. One thing that we hope will make us stand out as a great partner for you is that we won't just try to get everybody on board creating a huge shop where your products will be lost on page 135 of your category!  We are very selective and will ensure that you and your products are highly visible on our site. So if you are a manufacturer, an importer or retailer just fill in the details on the right and we will be in touch.

    How it Works

    • You sell your products under the AFGW umbrella and benefit from all our goodness!
    • Once you are on board you can work with us on special promotions or offer products to raise money for a specific cause - great PR for you!
    • You can be featured in an exclusive story about you and your business in our Magazine (blog).
    • You benefit from all the PR, SEO, social media and marketing (and more) that we do.
    • All we ask is that you become a member of AFGW and help spread the word about our innovative new business.  Doing good can be so satisfying!

    What we are looking for

    We want to work with people who...
    • Share our good philosophy
    • Offer products that are beautifully designed and made. If they are unique, Eco-friendly, or make of an innovative material... all the better.
    • Are passionate and excited about the future and what we can do together.