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    If all the good women in the world got together and decided to sort out all the problems, create new, better ways to do things and resolved to have a lot of fun doing it, just imagine what could happen!  Alright, so that might be a bit of a big dream but in principle it's a good one and you have to start somewhere. 
    So please be a good woman, and tell all the other good women you know, and join us (just pop your email in the subscribe box) and we can get this show on the road and see where it takes us.  We want to create a community that inspires, nurtures and makes life better.
    As a member you will have lots of special treatment; first dibs on some really lovely products, the chance to advertise your business in our directory (coming soon and free of charge) you can comment on articles, submit your own writing, create and sell beautiful products with us, review and recommend as well as, and this is an important bit, suggest good women for us to feature and good causes for us to support.  
     This is a collaborative community that we want every member to 'own' a part of... the bigger we build it the more we can do.