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    good  (gud)  adj,  having admirable, pleasing, superior or positive qualities. The Good Philosophy is simple - we believe that decency and care for others is innate in human nature and that together we can make a huge and positive impact on our society that benefits everyone. Our mission is to celebrate all the good stuff in the world and to create a business that generates money which we give to good causes.   Honesty, integrity and goodwill are keystones.
    • A good woman (or man) is someone who makes life better for others in any number of ways.  She is thoughtful, considerate, respectful, open-minded, positive and inspiring.  And she doesn't take herself too seriously!
    • A good product is beautifully designed and manufactured from high quality materials with respect and consideration for people and the planet.
    • A good business operates in a way that has respect and consideration for the people who work in it, it's customers and the planet.
      Good women can do many things.... we share our wisdom (and laugh at our lack of it!), voice our opinions and listen to those of others.  We are open-minded, we question the status quo (that's how progress is made) and try to find solutions for problems. On a practical level we can grow our own businesses and nurture new ones, the future depends on us working together, collaboratively to create new opportunities.  We have the sense to know that this is how we will make the most of our own lives as well as making the world a better place for our children. A few good women..... can make a big difference.