about us


A Few Good Women was founded on a big fat hairy lie.


You see, up until very recently, to be somewhat more accurate it's been just me.  Not 'a few' good women but just 'one' good woman... well, definitely trying to be good.

A little while ago I was quite disappointed to be told that something I had thought was pretty unique about me was in fact incredibly common.  Charming.  The name and the concept for A Few Good Women had come to me while I was arguing with myself in the shower.  The bathroom is just about the only place in the house (possibly the world) where, if I'm lucky enough to lock the door quickly, I can spend some time alone without anyone prodding me or asking me where things are.  And in the shower, the solitude becomes even more real as the thunder of the water cuts out all other sounds.  It's my place to think, undisturbed and uninhibited and where I have some of my best ideas.  Well apparently it's that place for hoards of people.  

(Not my shower obviously, their own!)

So, once again, I'm not really so different.  And I realised that I do want to be different, at least a little bit different.  Otherwise, how will my kids remember me when I'm gone?!!!  Sod political correctness, I want the little buggers to think, 'yeah, mum, she was cool, she was fun... she was good'.

That sounds a bit morbid, I'm not actually that old.  Just old enough to now be thinking about making the most of life.  'It's not a dress rehearsal' as they say.  So all that thinking about what I'm going to do when I grow up is ridiculous.... I am grown up!

I want my life to mean something.  I want to have done something, served a meaningful purpose other than producing my little darlings.  And then I found out that all my women friends felt the same.   We love our partners and kids with a passion, of course we do, and we love our careers and our homes and beautiful shoes and we care about the world and the future and... but we still want to do something more.  

So this is it.  We are going to create a community that changes the way money is raised for good causes.  We build a for-profit business and give half that profit away.  So instead of charities putting their hands out for donations - and let's be honest, we all feel bad when we have to draw the line and say no - we create the funds and give them to a select number of charities we support as well as directly to good causes that our members propose.  So everyone can see the tangible results.  

And it grew from there...

We will do a lot more.  We celebrate good women, the famous ones who have done great things alongside the completely unknown ones who have also done great things.  We are building a marketplace where members can buy and sell beautiful things as well as designing our own range of gifts all bearing our fingerprint heart.  The online magazine will share news from the charities we work with as well as articles about good women, good living and lots of good fun.  All members will be able to advertise their businesses and review and recommend the things they love, all linked back to their member's profile page.  It's an online version of a catch-up with your best friends!

And it's not just me any more.  I have gathered together some incredible people, some amazing charities and fabulous businesses.  It's looking really exciting.

Oh, and just in case you didn't notice, we don't take ourselves too seriously!  Goodness knows if there is one thing to learn in life it's not to take yourself too seriously and to have fun... a lot of fun!