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One for the Gents...

Moustache Styling Tips From A Perennial Grower Now, we know that the vast majority of you good women readers will have no need for such instruction, being not nearly hirsute enough to be able to partake of such styling, but the old 'tash is making a huge comeback amongst the more fashionable set and we feel we must endeavour keep you up to the minute with such progress.  I for one shall be encouraging my gent to give his razor a partial rest and see what he can muster!   Mr Natty's Twizzle Wax is an absolute essential for styling the most stylish of 'tashes and we hope to be bringing it to you in store soon.  So get your gent seated comfortably and watching this great little set of instructions.... Firstly, comb using a moustache comb to remove any kinky bits.


Then grab your Mr Natty's Twizzle Wax to groom and style the 'tache. 2_twizzlewax Warm the wax a little with you finger before scooping a little out and working it between your thumb and index finger. 3_waxapply Then work the wax into the moustache. 4_twist Use a twist and pull motion to get a smooth straight line. 5_twistagain Now you need a pencil to help with the curling or, if you a little deft, you can use your finger. 6_pencil Loop your moustache around the pencil... 7_looping Hold for a few seconds to set... and if it's not sitting quite correctly you can persuade it a bit. 9_persuade The trick is to get both sides doing just about the same thing!  Once you have succeeded you may proceed to being debonair. 10_finish   Thanks Mr Natty!  

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