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    A Few Good Women

    Yellow Beauty

    I just know you are all going to be wild with excitement about this, I know I was!  (I must be getting old).   Ok, drum roll..... this is the world's first...... yellow pelargonium! Yes, yellow.  And you have to admit it's rather gorgeous.  I have always loved pelargoniums and they remind me of the time we lived in France although there, of course, the most popular colour is that incredible pillar box red.  It should be their national flower, perhaps along with the blue iris that seems to grow in every garden and hedgerow and even, we once saw, along the ridge line of a thatched roof!   But back to my yellow beauty; I found it in the wonderful Berrima Cottage Nursery (02 4877 2929) but it was apparently bred in Germany.  It says on the label that a 100 year dream has become a reality, the only yellow flowering pelagonium has been created.  It will flower all year round, doesn't suffer from rust and is heat and drought tolerant.  Needing a well drained, sunny location, protect from frost and thieving neighbours!!!!!  See, the Germans do have a sense of humour! ;)    

    'Windows Technical Department'

    Watch out for this one folks..... the call comes from someone claiming to be from Windows' technical department. They ask you whether your computer is running slowly (how many people are going to say no to that?!!) and then, and this is the really bad bit, they ask you to go to your computer and start getting you to hit certain keys etc.  We are not sure exactly what they are up to but it's definitely no good.  They might be trying to access your computer remotely - definitely the most likely option - so whatever you do, DO NOT talk to these people or do anything on your computer that they ask you to.